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Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend – Of Fiery Daggers and Playstyles??

May 2, 2012

I had already sort of planned this post before my Introductory Post so this is why I’m posting it so soon after my first one. I haven’t defined a solid schedule yet, but I’m working on it 🙂 If you don’t know much about Guild Wars 2 yet, you should definitely check out and read all the info about the game there 😉

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I pre-purchased my copy of Guild Wars 2 a few days ago when the first Beta Weekend Event (BWE) was announced, a big part because I wanted to play it that weekend 😀 I’ve been following this game very closely for over a year now and I believe I watched all avaiable videos about it on Youtube, so I was just dying to try it out.

I even thought of a small To-Do list for the BWE, but being myself, I ended up not doing anything I had planned 😛 First off I had thought of creating a character of each race (didn’t happen) and try out at least 5 of the 8 professions (classes if you prefer; didn’t happen either). What really happened was I created a Human Elementalist and played about 95% of my BWE-time on it; the remaining 5% were spent on creating and playing through levels 1-3 with a Charr Warrior. Then I also planned on exploring a bit of each crafting profession across the various characters, which (needless to say) didn’t happen either, as I didn’t explore any crafting profession at all.

Tired of waiting for those cast bars to fill up so you can GTFO? Guild Wars 2 was made for you!

So let’s discuss the Elementalist profession shall we? Right off the bat: it’s NOT like any Mage-type class you ever played. If you’re accustomed to playing a Caster character in
World of Warcraft, you probably already had this thought: “Why the hell can’t i cast Fireball and run at the same time? Can’t my character speak and run at the same time? Can’t he/she do some weird gestures while speaking and running?” Right? I mean it’s a bit stupid (in my humble opinion) that you can’t cast spells and move at the same time. But the funny thing is, I always assumed that it was the right way for a game to be until I saw that’s not how it works in GW2. In Guild Wars 2 you can move and even JUMP while casting your spells. There are a few exceptions to this rule of course, such as the Elementalist’s spell Meteor Shower that require you to stay in one place while casting it; but for the most part you’ll be moving while throwing those fireballs at a random skritt. Love it!!!

There’s a lot to say about Elementalist skillsets and the mechanics behind them, but I’ll leave that to another post. But keep this in mind: to master GW2 combat, you will need to master Movement (yet another post-worthy topic) and master your skillset. With this I mean you will need to learn which spells to use and how to use them in each situation. Moving on to my next idea: playstyles.

As it’s been said, explained, and said again, all over the Internets: there are no Tanks/DPS/Healers in this game (there are no set roles, quoting ArenaNet developers). So getting used to the notion and actual applicability of playstyles is something I found actually harder than I thought at first. Too many times did I forget to change my attunement in a fight to use that spell that causes a condition on my target, which would have made me win the fight… It takes a bit of time and focus to integrate that into your playing. On my behalf, there was no real “tutorial” about my class ingame (I think not at least, I was a bit too excited to start casting that I might have missed something :P), so that’s something ArenaNet needs to change.

All in all, I had a wonderful time playing the Elementalist, it turned out to be better than I expected after watching countless videos of Guild Wars 2 gameplay. There were a couple bugs with some spells (something you’d expect from a Beta version) but overall the profession is a lot of fun, with many different mechanics incorporated into it’s various playstyles. It was (and will be) a great change of mentality from the established concept of a “Mage”, as will the whole game be a great change from the established concept of an MMO.

Elementalist -> definitely a profession i’d recommend to anyone interested in the game, regardless of their past experiences with Mage-type characters. It might be a bit hard getting used to the whole action bar / playstyle issue at first, but trust me, after giving it a bit of time, you’ll be hooked up on it 😉

On my next post I’ll discuss a bit of the mechanics behind the Elementalist, stay tuned 😉

Burn you ugly-ass two-headed troll or whatever, BURN!!


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  1. The Elementalist is my third choice after Charr Engineer/ Sylvari or Norn Guardian.

    If I wanted to specifically be an Ice/Water Elementalist, what advice could you give me for that kind of thing?

    • Well first i’d point out that Water Elementalist revolves around a supportive role. That means you’ll have some healing spells (the only ones in the game i believe) coupled with a strategy focused on controling your foes. As in, you’ll have a few spells that cause Vulnerability and Chilled conditions. The most supportive option in my opinion would be using a Staff and Water spells, since you get 3 Healing spells (1 of them also damages foes) and 1 spell for each of the conditions i mentioned above.

      • So it’s not particularly feasible…. hmm… Guess Ele is a pretty “mix it up and kill stuff” kind of class. 😀

      • Well i’d say its not as “powerful” as say Fire or Air. Water can still get stuff killed, but i wouldnt expect as big of a bang as with Fire 😉

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