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World of Warcraft circa 2006

May 4, 2012

Hello once again. Today I’m stepping a bit away from Guild Wars 2 and sharing a few memories and stories I have of World of Warcraft from back in 2005-2006. I don’t have any material from that time (videos or screenies) so sorry since you won’t be able to see how badass my Tauren looked wielding his purple (item color, not rarity :P) scorpion mace at Crossroads.

– –

World of Warcraft, my first MMO. I still remember the day I got home with my mom from the mall with the game box in my hands, just dieing to get to my computer and start playing! We’re in early 2005 and I did not think twice when it came to creating a character: Tauren Warrior. Being a faithful Warcraft III player from way before and seeing as my main race had always been the Orcs, picking a Tauren was an obvious choice, ’cause they just rock 😀

Azeroth was pretty “young” at the time. The only raids avaiable were Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core, with Blackwing Lair being released shortly after i started (or shortly before, I can’t tell now). There were no battlegrounds and the Honor system had just been implemented. So Alliance raids on Crossroads was our daily bread. Well in that case, I was their bread.

Just another normal day in Azeroth / Credits to The Lost Cause

The game felt wonderful at that time. Everything, really everything, was awesome. I think the true World of Warcraft was the old pre-60 content. That’s where all the fun was. Dungeons were not a mere zerg through the mobs to get loot, loot didn’t even mean much to me in those dungeons, what I wanted was to kill harder stuff. Looking back I giggle every time I remember the corpse runs back to Wailing Caverns. There was a lot of stuff, important and helpful stuff, that we didn’t have at those times and had to be compensated, most times not perfectly, with Add-Ons. In a way, WoW today is better for having some recent tools and whatnot. On the other hand, I feel it has lost other times’ epicness. Some say the game got worst, some say it has moved on on it’s natural course of life.

All I know is those were 2 awesome years, 2006’s summer will be in my memory for a long time. It’s been 7 years now since i first logged in to World of Warcraft (Bloodfeather-EU by the way), and the game has changed a LOT, so did the genre as a whole. Perhaps I can find another home in Guild Wars 2 🙂

  1. battlechicken permalink

    It seems like if you’ve invested any time in an MMO, you remember these things. My first moments in World of Warcraft happened over my husband’s shoulder as I watched him raid Molten Core. One day he finally asked me, “would you like to give it a try?” (Are you kidding? DUH.) He explained the classes and roles to me, and I settled on a druid. The music in Teldrassil still makes me nostalgic.

    He had no idea the monster he had created. 😛

    • So true. There’s moments you just never forget, be it a game that you liked (loved in this case) or something else less nerdy 😛

    • By the way, im working on a reply to your challenge 😀

      • battlechicken permalink

        Woot! I was beginning to think no one was considering it. I’m excited to see what you come up with. I’m ready–bring on the bosses. /flex 😀

      • its still in the early phase of development 😛

  2. I can relate. I had a big love-hate relationship with WoW (mostly love) when I played it. Even when I left I still kept thinking that it had one of the best gameplays as far as making each class unique. (Except when it is about paladins as healers. Don’t get me started on paladins as healers. -_-)

    From time to time I would get one of those “Come back to play” promotions and play for a few days. Last time I did it I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore. The game felt too alien to me, too different and not necessarily in a good way. I can understand why they did a lot of the changes they did but it really killed any interest I might still have in the game. Still I will cherish the good memories I had and will still think fondly of all the classes and how they implemented them.

    • When i think WoW i think how much fun i had back in the day, not how disappointed i felt last time i played it. They way i see it, when they stopped making weapons like Stalvan’s Reaper (check it on, the game started getting too… “meta-y” as in, it lost the fun aspect and focused entirely on the numbers and such. Know what i mean?

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