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So I Thought of a Cool Boss

May 5, 2012

In response to BattleChicken’s Challenge, here’s my take at creating a Boss you’d like to see in game! Note that this is just fruit of my imagination, and although I did try to keep it plausible in terms of Guild Wars Lore, I’m far from being an expert about it, so nevermind the eventual errors.

– –

So I’m supposed to come up with a Boss for an MMO I play. Well that creates a problem, since I don’t play any MMO at this time (I don’t play Guild Wars 2 right now because the Beta Weekend has ended 😦 ). Since I haven’t played WoW actively for years, I’m also not going to try and create one for WoW. Soooo… I’m going to (try to) create a cool one for Guild Wars 2 even if there’s still a lot to learn about the game. Maybe it even gets implemented and I get a big fat check and credits for it, like him having my name!! That’s a possibility right? So enough chit-chat. Ima create a bawss!

Recently a group of Norns, Asuran and Humans settled a camp in the far reaches of the world, in a mountain in the Far Shiverpeaks to the North. Work on the excavation site started right away in hope of digging up well-hidden secrets of an ancient Seer civilization. The huge underground city lied hidden beneath the mountain and it’s entrance was covered by a 4 meters thick layer of snow and rocks. Unrecognizable symbols carved in the  arched reinforced steel doors indicated a fair level of intelligence of the city’s inhabitants. Leaving the huge Norn workers to open it up, the Asuran and Human historians debated what should be done regarding this lost city. As soon as the doors opened, a chilling breeze ran through the camp – so cold not even the Dolyak fur coats could prevent everyone’s bones from shivering – followed by deep, anguished cries of despair. Darkness the only thing past the huge doorway and fear the only thing in the Norn workers’ eyes. Despite what some less brave explorers would call clear signs and warnings of danger, the Asuran Nakre the Historian, leader of the entourage, decided the team should move on towards the depths of the city. Little did they know what awaited them inside.


Deep inside the mountain carved city, Dairogh patiently awaits incautious adventurers. The giant bat like Undead is the king of the beasts known as Fleshreavers. His body is thicker than the average Fleshreaver, his head adorned with a crown made of bone and his knuckles are in fact skulls from some notorious yet ultimately weak foes. In his right hand he carries a long sword, it’s blade strangely pristine and sparkling. Freed from Rragar Maneater’s chains, Dairogh established himself as leader of the Fleshreavers given his superior strength and intelligence among his peers. He and his band, the few specimens left of this horrible race, settled in Fiirya, a long abandoned underground city thought to have been a Seer village. For years explorers ventured into these halls, doomed to never see the light of day again. Dairogh’s intentions and motives remain unknown though it seems plausible to assume violence and terror is all in this wretched being’s mind.

– –

Leaving the setting and lore behind, here are my thoughts on the Boss as an NPC ingame. Seeing as how Guild Wars 2’s combat works and the (in)famous scrapping of the “holy trinity” system, I’ll have to change some of BattleChicken’s “requirements” regarding building the boss. Dairogh’s attacks are a mix of ranged magic and melee. With his one-handed long sword, he delivers powerful arch slashes to melee players standing a little bit too close and a downards thrust that will instantly kill players standing still. Using his free hand he casts spells at ranged targets and melee alike, directing single target spells and AoE’s to ranged targets and AoE’s only to melees.

In his room there’s seven pillars, on top of each lies a runebook that powers Dairogh’s magic abilities. Each runebook symbolizes a spell school: Fire, Air, Ice, Earth, Shadow, Poison and Arcane. The pillars are destroyable yet attacking one sets off the spawning of a wave of Dairogh’s Fleshreaver and Undead minions, as well as making Dairogh concentrate his attacks and abilities on players attacking the pillars and the zone around them. Destroying a pillar gives players the chance to destroy the runebook standing on it, which decreases the damage, range and duration of Dairogh’s spells as well as disabling the casting of that runebook’s spell school; at the same time it causes him to increase focus on his melee attacks. If all runebooks are destroyed Dairogh’s size increases, his melee attacks become close to instant kills and he gets the ability to fly across the room in order to be able to hit ranged targets (think Enrage in WoW). Flying exposes weak points in his body, attacks directed to those cause extra damage. He loses the ability to cast spells at this point.

The fight is on a timer, at the end of which Dairogh lets out a chilling scream of anger, causing Vulnerability and Chilled conditions on all players in the room, as well as granting himself Swiftness and Might (in other words, wipe :P). Regarding speech, Dairogh speaks a demonic language and taunts players around during the fight, rejoicing on player death (when a player is defeated, not downed) and yelling out the chants for his spells. He also calls forth his minions with a deafening cry.


So what do you think of this boss? Would you like to see something like that in your game? How do you think the fight / lore could be more interesting? Post your comments below 🙂


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  1. battlechicken permalink

    I love it! The runebook and pillar mechanic is my favorite. That would be a lot of fun to play out!

  2. Welcome to the NBI and blogging! Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

  3. Looks like a tricky fight as no matter what strategy the players choose it will be tough!

    Nice work! 🙂

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